Thursday, February 9, 2017

LHS Jazz Ensemble Performing at Dazzle Jazz Club


Our own LHS Jazz Ensemble will be performing at Dazzle Jazz Club and Restaurant (930 Lincoln St., Denver, CO 80203) in Denver on Monday, Feb. 13th at 7pm.  There are about 25 tickets still available and they can be ordered online through MJO Presents. Here's the link:  

Online Ticket Sales will cut-off on Sunday at Midnight.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Jazz Ensemble gig at Dazzle on 2/13/17

Here is the information from the Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra about our LHS Jazz Ensemble gig at Dazzle's Restaurant on Monday evening, February 13th.  The times and ticket information for this performance are in this email.  

Please make sure that your family, friends and relatives know about this information so that they can come and see, support and enjoy your performance at this Denver jazz venue.

School: Littleton HS (Dir: Don Emmons)

We’re looking forward to featuring your group on Monday Feb . 13th 2017 at Dazzle!!  Here is a couple logistic issues as the date rapidly approaches.

1.  Time:  You start at 7p, play for 45min, short break, MJO plays until approximately 9p. We suggest that you arrive around 6p for a leisurely set-up and warm-up.

2.  Parking:  Parking is tough so any carpooling is a great idea. Here is a link to Dazzle’s parking page:  Dazzle parking information

3.  Tickets:  We use an on-line registration system. Below is a link to the registration page. Please have parents/friends go to this page to get their reservations (“registration”) using PayPal.  I will send Dazzle a list of all registrations before the gig.  Physical tickets are not required. Please DO NOT call Dazzle directly (as this will cause confusion with duplicate reservations).

Ticket are $12.50 (pre-show via the link below) and $15 at the door. Obviously, the incentive to get reservations ahead of time is to save $$. We will split the total pre-show ticket sales (after PayPal expenses) with MJO taking the first $400. I will bring you a check to the gig as ticket sales CLOSE Monday AM the day of the gig. Please stress to the students/families NOT to wait until the last moment to get their reservations; depending on what is going on the day of the gig, sales may close early in the day.

IMPORTANT: Please tell families that IF they do not receive a confirmation e-mail after registering, their registration probably did NOT complete and they do NOT have tickets. Have them contact me if they are unable to get the process completed.

We can sell approximately (80-85) seats ahead of time and leave the remaining (10+) for walk-ins and other reservations. It is very important to use this system vice just coming to pay at the door for a few reasons:

1.  It allows Dazzle to plan their staffing.
2.  It allows Dazzle to plan the seating, especially for the larger groups that want to sit together.
3.  If they just come to the door, it IS possible (and HAS happened) that between the school and non-school reservations, the room is full and they cannot get in!
4.  It’s cheaper!

*** Students/Director do NOT need tickets. ***

Ticket Link:  Littleton HS TICKETS

Here is the Facebook link for the Littleton High School Jazz Ensemble at Dazzle 2/13/17:

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Help needed w/District Middle School Performances

Help needed!

Our full Symphonic Winds Concert Band, Drumline and Orchestra are scheduled to perform for the LPS District Middle Schools on Friday, January 20th (7am-3pm) and on Monday morning, January 30th (7am-10:30am). Because of the number of students going on this trip, I will need 3-5 Band or Orchestra parents to assist me with each of these performances.  Specifically, I need parents to ride the 3 buses that we will have on these two days as well as one parent to drive a van or pick-up truck to transport two of our Mallet instruments that we will need to take for these performances.

If you are able to help accompany the band on one or both of these days, please contact me directly.

Thank you! 

Don Emmons (

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Band Update (12/13/2016)

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, Dec 13 - Orchestra/Choir Winter Concert is tonight at 7:00pm. Some of our band members will be joining in for a wonderful finale you won't want to miss! Encore is also sponsoring a Spaghetti Dinner in the Cafeteria before the concert from 5:00-6:30pm. Please come and support the Performing Arts Department. Tickets are available from Mr. Farrell or at the door. Cost is adults $7, children $5, and under 2 free.

Wednesday, Dec 14 - Dress Rehearsal for Instrumental Winter Concert 2:15-4:00pm
Thursday, Dec 15 - Instrumental Winter Concert 7:00pm

Have a wonderful holiday break!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

IMPORTANT! Regarding Student Encore money (Kings profit, fundraising, etc)

I wanted to once again make sure that everyone understands how their student's Encore account works.  All fundraising money, such as King Soopers card profits, Scool Services (butterbraids) and Wreath sales, accumulates in the student's account until they request that it be used for specific expenses.  Encore DOES NOT automatically apply the student money to trips, band fees, choir expenses, etc.  Encore waits until we receive a written withdrawal request from the student.  Those request forms can either be found in the Performing art teachers rooms, or on either the Encore website or the marching band website:

The student fills out the form, indicates how much needs to be withdrawn from their account, and what it's for (i.e. trip payment, marching band fees), signs it and gives it to their Performing Arts teacher.  Those forms are then sent to Encore where we will process them, withdraw the funds, and pay the requested expenses.

If there are any questions, please email

Thank you!